Mission / Vision


The Mexican Surface Engineering and Tribology network seeks to promote and provide links between industry in general and universities of the country, through consultation and research services in the area of tribology and surface engineering. This vinculation seeks, on the side of the companies, to produce valuable information for their products and / or processes with which they can improve the quality and consequently extend their useful life of the tools and machinery. On the other hand, the universities seek to generate high-impact topics in research in tribology and surface engineering, as well as generate income that will help boost the infrastructure of their laboratories and support students and researchers.



The Mexican Surface Engineering and Tribology network intends, in the medium to long term, to be one of the leading networks of CONACYT, as well as being the best option at a national level for companies to offer services and research consultation for the continuous improvement of the quality of their products. We also aim to achieve the generation of patents and / or new companies that can help the development of the community.